State of Concussion Research

My mission is to unveil the mysteries of the brain for you. I want you to know that your MDs are unwittingly leading you down the garden path towards more suffering. That’s because the way things stand right now, there isn’t a whole lot of concussion research being done for actually treating a concussion.

It’s a DAMN shame!

You know, 99% of doctors, regardless of their background, is going to tell you to go home, take several days off from work, school or sport and rest your brain and your body. They may tell you to stay in a darkened room the entire time.

Dr. Joanny Liu at Concussion Answers wants you to know that research isn’t helping you at all. It’s going very slowly. Almost 100% of research dollars are going into studies that are trying to understand the nature of concussion and its after effects, short term and long term.

That doesn’t help the person who is suffering from one right now, who has Post Concussion Syndrome. the research says that people who don’t recover on their own within the rest period will probably take a year to recover. If they don’t recover within 18 months, they’ll probably continue to have symptoms for a long time, maybe even the rest of their lives.

Dr. Joanny Liu says this has huge implications for productivity and quality of life.

In essence these medical authorities are telling you that you can do nothing about your concussion. Concussion research is failing you because they are studying the disease and not the solutions!

Happily there are some researchers who are calling for action – specifically psychological intervention – but not only Cognitive Behavioral Training (CHT). It’s not enough. What must be considered along with that are the emotional drivers for behavior. That’s where we’ve got to go first.